Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – SOAP Codeunits not exposing functions

I’ve recently been working on a client upgrade from NAV 2009 to Business Central. This particular customer has a B2B site that talks back to NAV (which will turn into Business Central) via SOAP services.

I tried to connect the DEV site into the DEV instance of Business Central, however when trying to log in I was getting strange messages saying functions didn’t exist etc. I know they do… so what’s going on.

Ah Microsoft… So apparently they have decided as of around the April 19 release (I think this also affects Cumulative updates too) that it will only expose functions if the FunctionVisibility property is set to External, see below. Makes sense from a security point of view I suppose.


So there we have it, now I have a load of functions in different Codeunits to go and change!

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