Starting the Job Queue on a Business Central Docker container

How to enable the Task Scheduler on a Business Central Docker container to use the Job Queue

By default the Task Scheduler for Business Central is not enabled, so if you add anything to the Job queue in your docker image it just sits there, doing nothing!

To enable it we need to use the following command


For instance, if you container name is called BCDemo, then you would run the following command

Invoke-ScriptInNavContainer -containername BCDemo -scriptblock {
    Set-NavServerConfiguration -ServerInstance BC -KeyName EnableTaskScheduler -KeyValue true
    Set-NavServerInstance -ServerInstance BC -restart

Essentially, change the BCDemo in the above command to match your container name. This script will then change the setting and restart your instance for you.

Task Scheduler will now be running, and the Job queue will actually do something for you now.


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